GRRRL[LIVE] 2019 | 1-2 JUNE 2019

A Weekend dedicated to you. Let's celebrate #IAMENOUGH


For most of us, we’re desperate for change and desire more out of life. However, the thought of going somewhere by ourselves and meeting brand new women, can make us feel like we’re crawling out of our skin. We often hold ourselves back by succumbing to the fear of “what if”, and instead stay stuck instead of breaking out of our comfort zone and getting LIT.

The moment I stepped off the plane I was wrapped in the arms of sisterhood. Seeing women come together from all over the world to not only learn about themselves, but also the sisterhood, was unbelievable. It was the first time I felt like I belonged somewhere.

For a small town girl with social anxiety to jump on a plane for the first time to come to this event, says how important it was and is. – Mandi WB.

It's said that

The number one fear of human beings is being judged, and the number one need is being loved and having a sense of belonging.Humans, women especially, have been conditioned by society to see each other as competition, judging our entire worth and existence off the basis of what other women present.That is exactly why we created GRRRL; To break down the barriers of competition, and create a unified, strong sisterhood of likeminded women who want to create a new world. We do this by coming together and learning tools to elevate our own lives, as well as having the opportunity to share our own knowledge, insight, and experiences to help our fellow sisters.

I’ve spent my whole life feeling judged and looked down upon when surrounded by women. Like I was never “enough” to fit the norm. Then I went to GL18 and I finally felt what it’s like to walk into a room full of women and feel a wave of love and acceptance, rather than competitive judgement. I made lifetime friends with women who before that weekend I had never met. I found the woman that I used to be, and the woman I want to move toward becoming. I will forever owe that to GRRRL and GL18. I have every intention of being at every GRRRL Live that follows! – Krystal S

We all need some kind of road map in life…

From our earliest days of school, we’ve been taught jack shit in regards to “happiness tools”. We learn how to regurgitate facts and how to be obedient. Furthermore, whilst trying to do the best they can with the tools they were given, we have parents and guardians trying to raise us who’ve been stuck dealing with their own issues. Often just repeating the same cycles of hurt, they’ve been given nothing in regards to a how-to manual when it comes to not passing down limiting beliefs and how to live our best lives!

This is where we get to step up, step in, and make a conscious decision to get involved.  We take full responsibility for our happiness and creating a new world by our terms!


GL 2018 was 100% life changing. The seminars were eye openers and life affirming. I learned to love myself again. I wore shorts for the first time in years and wasn’t self conscious or worrying about what other people thought of me.

And best of all, I made lifelong connections and friends from all over the world. I believe every woman should attend GRRRL Live to take their confidence and self love back. – Cassie M.

Now that you’re over your shit…

Imagine walking into registration and instantly feeling like you’ve walked straight into your family home after years of being apart.

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you’ll be making lifelong friendships, learning incredible tools to find new levels of enlightenment, and creating a new sense of confidence you never knew existed.

GL18 was the first GRRRL event I’ve ever attended, although going there and seeing the grrrl army felt like going home.  Imagine going somewhere where total strangers wave and yell “Hey grrrl hey!!” from across the room. Being able to walk up to a crowd of complete strangers and feel welcomed and supported, was something very new and different for me and it is something I will never forget.

I already have tickets for next year. – Dustine S.

What about our younger grrrls…

GL19 will be suitable for mature 11 year old girls and older. In this day and age, kids are exposed more and more to ‘real world’ realities from a younger age. We’ve opened the event up for our NextGen grrrls by offering a special event Friday night where our under 18’s get to spend time together learning a priceless education taught by our own MFCEO, Kortney Olson, alongside our teenage jiujitsu star and shape athlete, Brionii.
In our experience, it takes a village to raise a daughter.

GL18 was life changing for my daughters. My thirteen year old is so proud to be part of this and feels so powerful as a girl. She’s always known she was smart but there is a different sort of confidence to her knowing she has support of other women and knowing that she deserves all the things she wants to go after in life.

My 17 year old has found a group of girls who she can relate to and reach out to when she needs support. Something she has never really felt she needed. She fees supported in a way that doesn’t come from family. On top of that she has learned so much about what she faces as a woman becoming an adult and also what other women who aren’t as privileged face and it’s changed her outlook on life. – Tiff D.

What to expect…

Stepping up our game, we’ve booked out an entire floor at The Palms Casino! Away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll find our entire GRRRL conference on the 2nd floor of the venue this year. Fresh air, soothing lights, and welcoming vibes from the minute you exit the elevator. You’ll be immersed into the perfect environment to get LIT!

The entire weekend has been hand-crafted to bring you the best coaches, teachers, and inspirational thought leaders to deliver content around “The Formula”: The 5 habits, principles, and lessons that lead to the development of Self-Love.

From interactive sessions and workshops where you take the information from your head to your heart, you’ll walk away being able to implement these tools in your life straight away.  Unlike other conferences where you’re hyped up and elevated during the event, only to find yourself crashing after the fact, GRRRL:Live is designed to keep you having “ah-ha!” moments again, and again, and again. This is why our event doubles in size every year.

Now you’re being offered a practical first step to help you achieve some serenity and joy in life through experiencing a ground breaking, proven formula to obtaining self-love. 

Are you going to take it?


The ticket that’s right for me…

You’ll find in our ticket section on the website that there are a handful of different ticket options.

Our G.A. (general admission) ticket is the most accessible and available ticket.  With absurd and incredible value, this ticket option gives you access to everything from your amazing swag bag, our Friday night social plus desserts,  morning coffee bar and fitness class both days, Moon Party access, and access to general sessions and workshops Saturday and Sunday.

Our NextGen ticket is the same as the G.A. ticket, but a special price for those aged 11-17 years old.  Includes everything as the G.A. ticket, but instead of the dessert and social night, includes the Penthouse Session with world renowned teen-whisperer and GRRRL CEO, Kortney Olson.

Our V.I.G. ticket is a special ticket with only 50 available.  Access to everything with the G.A., plus early seating, an upgraded swag bag (includes additional items from clothing, exclusive jewellery, and a gratitude box!), access to a special catered dinner Saturday night with speakers and presenters, and a closed additional session and dinner Sunday night after the event is over.

Our O.G. ticket is the ultimate experience ticket with only 30 available.  Access to everything V.I.G. has, plus a full day on Monday with our MFCEO in The Penthouse.  This ticket includes a full day of deep diving into some personal development lead by Kortney, along with special activities planned such as (CCC) crystal crown creating with women’s energy activating guide Emily Atkinson, to outings such as a special visit to ‘The Wreck Room’ where you get to suit up in full protective wear and unleash your absolute highest level of grrrl power by breaking a room full of stuff!

Enjoy an even deeper swag bag, catered lunch, laughter, healing and a day of surprises.

Before we kick off…

GRRRL is a firm believer that one of the keys to sustained happiness, is having a pathway to being of service to humanity.  So many of us want to give back, but aren’t sure where to start.  Until now!

Prior to the conference starting, for the first time ever, we’ll be running a special pilot program offering a full day training to 50 women to become certified facilitators for ‘The GRRRL Project’. 

A dissonance based program, ‘The GRRRL Project’, also known as ‘The Body Project’, is a group-based intervention that provides a forum for women and girls to confront unrealistic beauty ideals and engages them in the development of healthy body image through verbal, written, and behavioural exercises.

Our long-term mission is to create thousands of trainers across the world who can deliver this material to the Next Gen of grrrls.

If you’re interested in getting involved, book your training here by adding this limited spot opportunity to your conference experience.

Brief breakdown of the schedule…

For everyone rocking up for the weekend conference, we recommend getting your awesome bodies to Las Vegas Friday morning or early afternoon.  From 12p onward, we’ll have registration and our brand new cracking retail shop open! 

Chill and get settled because for all of our grrrls 18+, we’ll be hosting our dessert tapas and adult game night from 7-10pm.  Here you’ll have an opportunity to tantalize your palette with a variety of mouth-watering desserts, but try not to spit them out from laughing your asses off whilst playing our epic line-up of adult games. 

Have an opportunity to walk around and meet and mingle with some of our presenters and shop around a few of the vendor stalls we have permitted into the event.

For all of our 18- grrrls, we have a special session planned in the penthouse with our MFCEO and athlete shape Brionii from 7-10pm.  Here you’ll meet all of your fellow NextGen grrrls, and get an opportunity to bond while cruising through the Self Love Success Academy!  Truly a priceless education.

Make sure you get your bodies to bed for a fresh start early Saturday morning! 

From 6am our special coffee bar with be open and available for all of our guests.  Choose to kick the morning off with a body weight fitness class with Coach Steph or do some yoga with BodyPosi instructor Hema!  Both of which are designed for all levels.

Event kicks off from mainstage at 9am and is staffed with ASL interpreters.

The first half of Saturday is built to take in the 5 principles of the Self Love formula, with the second half starting to dive into the 5 habits.  From there, we break off into 2 workshops of choice to cover both habits of ‘self defense’ and ‘fitness’.  Here you can choose to step off into the deep end and tap into your inner grrrl power through workshops such as

MMA (mixed martial arts)
Highland Games
+ more!

All workshops are designed for all levels, and include master-class (age 40+) trainers.  Learn from some of the world’s best and most inspirational people!

After the workshops on Saturday, we have our special VIG & OG catered dinner event, followed by our “Thrift Store Extravaganza” party and fashion show!  From 8-11p, come dressed in your best thrift store finds and strut your stuff down a runway while we dance the night away while taking in the breath-taking views of the Las Vegas strip from the privacy of our own club!

At 11pm, for those who are up for a mind-blowing adventure, head out to the strip with a guided look into human trafficking with our friends from the Not For Profit,  This is your opportunity to learn about how to get involved and help those caught up with something most of us didn’t even know exist.

Sunday, repeat the format with morning coffee and fitness or yoga, then kick off mainstage at 9am diving into the rest of the habits.  After a round of workshops, you’ll spend the second half of Sunday learning about the 5 lessons up until 6p at night where we wind up and take all the pics and give out all the hugs.

After a jam-packed weekend full of enlightenment, for those VIG & OG ticket holders, join Kortney in a special session and catered dinner from 7p – 8pm.

For our OG ticket holders, get your body to bed at a decent hour and plan on meeting at The Penthouse from 8:40am until 5p for your in-depth, full immersion Monday session!


I went to GL18 without having connected with anyone and without anyone I know. I was SO out of my comfort zone. However, I knew I was in a bad spot in my life. A verbally/mentally abusive MMA coach damaged my thought process/the way I view myself and then life threw some big changes at me at the last second causing me to move back in with my parents after being on my own for 5 years following the completion of my masters degree. I went to GL18 terrified, broken, 25 pounds heavier than I was last year, with a masters degree I didn’t want to use, that I feel extremely guilty about not wanting to use because my parents are so proud and I worked so hard. I came home and I made some life decisions. I interviewed for a bunch of jobs that use my licensure and masters degree. I got a lot of job offers from them. I turned them all down. Today I accepted a job as a health coach, making more money than my masters degree jobs would get me, and one week from today I’m moving 5 hours from home to chase whatever it is that makes me happy (not sure exactly what that is but I’m going to figure it out damn it). I’ll be training with a new coach who doesn’t undermine my hard work or mock the fact that I’m a woman and that I have lots of feelings or tell me I won’t ever be good enough. Going so far away scares the shit out of me and I never planned on doing this, but I’m here for it. Thank you to every single person who spoke with me for drastically changing the course of my life. — Kait

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