Sarah Sapora

Sarah Sapora


Sarah Sapora loves meditation, cowboy boots and lives guided by one simple idea – every day we wake up (no matter how much we weigh, how old we are, or however we feel we “messed up” in the past) is a chance to create positive change in our life from a place of self-love. Sarah is a Level 1 Kundalini yoga teacher and the creator of the Body + Love Workshop, an interactive event experience that empowers its size-inclusive attendees to unleash their self-love and show up for their life with inspired compassion and courage. Her app, LifeLoveRise Up With Sarah community, and her small-group retreats offer tools and support to encourage self-love and wellness free of diet culture. You are equally as likely to find Sarah strength training at the gym as you are sharing a karaoke dance-break on social media.

Sarah believes that the wellness industry is broken, catering to those that fit “ideal” societal archetypes by being slender, young, or athletic. With over 67% of women in the country wearing over a size 16, she aims to break down the industry door and make wellness size-inclusive and safe for larger bodies.

With 15 years working in marketing and public relations, Sarah has amassed a unique list of professional experiences. She is the former marketing gal for Chippendales (yes, Chippendales) and spent seven years working directly in women’s plus size fashion.

In June of 2015, both of Sarah’s parents ended up in the hospital at the exact same time. That, along with the tepid realization that her personal life was falling flat, opened her eyes to the reality that she was sitting in the passenger seat of her own life. Unfulfilled, unhealthy, and unable to walk a single city block without stopping in pain … It was time to make a change.

With her experience working with well-known lifestyle brands, Sarah understood the importance of authenticity in social communication. As an established plus size influencer, she learned that her experiences in life were pretty universal; it’s just that nobody was talking about them. So, when it came time to embark on her journey to creating her OWN greater life, she knew that there had to be millions, of other women who were also feeling stuck and scared. How could you get healthier and live happier outside of the confines of traditional diet culture? How do you even START to create change when you feel like you’re standing up at a mountain of your own mistakes, so high that you can barely imagine a different way to exist in your own life? It was time to find out.

Since 2016, Sarah has pulled back the curtain, sharing her journey of what it REALLY takes to change your life from the inside out. From sweaty workouts to the emotional journey, pushing through fears and choosing joy, Sarah shares it all with authentic humor and heart. Her willingness to “talk about hard stuff” with hope and action, has earned Sarah a loyal following in the army of like-minded women who draw inspiration from her tenacious journey.

Sarah’s personal motto is a call-to-action for anyone looking for MORE in their life. “I stand… you stand… and, together, we rise the f*ck up!”

She has been featured in Time, SHAPE, Women’s Health, Refinery 29, Allure, Today, and Cosmopolitan, among other places. Sarah graced the cover of MANTRA Magazine, a yoga and wellness publication, where she was called a “truth teller” in a four-page exclusive feature discussing the importance of diversity in the wellness industry. She is a columnist for MANTRA Magazine and FabUPlus Magazine. Sarah is a writer, speaker, teacher, and community builder.

You can find Sarah online at and on Instagram @SarahSapora