Get to know the GRRRL [LIVE] ARMY

Katelyn Ohashi

Gymnast & Activist

Malina Moye

CEO WCE Records

Kathleen Booker

The Jedi Of Calm

Michelle Sugiyama

Certified Health Coach, Dr Sears Wellness Institute

Dr. Carolyn Black Becker

Professor of Psychology, Trinity University

Janae Kroc

Actor; Pro Athlete

Heather MacDonald

Highland Games Champion

Julie Hawkins

Certified Advanced Akashic Records Teacher, Psychic Medium and Life Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Certified Trainer

Debbie Lichter

Food Addiction Expert and Founder of Freedom Embodied Academy

Jill Ashley Hoffman

Holistic Health Coach & Thyroid Expert

Amber Galloway

Sign Language Music Interpreter & Professor

Kim McDonnell

CEO Thankful

Cynthia Jolicoeur

Self Defense Specialist

Sonya Williams

Money Mindset Muse

Maritza Schafer

Communications Expert

Emily Atkinson

Divine Women's Circle Specialist

Aeriol Ascher

Energy Healer

Sara Buckley


Erika Trujillo

Yoga Warrior

Julia Smay


Jaimee Johnson

Human Trafficking

Eve Parker

Self Love Practitioner

Isah Kushma

Kettlebell Instructor

Steph Polluck

Morning Workout

Courtney Sara Bell

Laughter Yoga